Medical Weight Loss

Take care of yourself by keeping your control on your weight. We offer a wide selection of options for you to start losing weight, while making sure you keep it off in a safe and healthy way. Everything from eating right to balancing your hormones. Rodriguez Rejuvenation can help you maintain a healthy weight and living standards.

Prescription Weight Loss

Have your tried countless weight loss methods and still not getting the results you need? If so, then it is time to give our prescription weight loss program a try. Our program includes the use of appetite suppression medication with a 1,500 calories a day fat burning diet.

HCG Diet

Lose a significant amount of weight in fast and healthy way through our HCG Diet plan. Our plan includes the use of hormones to increase your metabolism, a combination 500 calories diets and a good program of daily moderate exercise.

Slimjection B-12 Shot

Are diets and exercise making you feel sluggish? Are you missing that extra energy to give you the boost to finish the day? If so, then contact us and learn how our Slimjection B-12 shot can give you thst an energy boost. Click on the image below to learn more.

Foundation Plan

Lose weight and keep it off, through our Weight Loss Foundation Plan. Our plan will teach you how to read food labels, set a good diet and maintain a workout regimen. Dr. Rodriguez will determine how to use fat-burning supplements, like hoodia, safely and effectively.

Balanced Hormone Plan

Improve your quality of life through a balanced hormone plan. Abnormal or imbalanced hormones can not only affect your eating patterns but also your ability to sleep well and having a healthy libido. Click on the images below to learn more.