Professional Procedures

Welcome to our procedure section. Here you will a list of all the surgical and non-surgical methods we offer our clients so that they can look and feel their best. Everything from advanced liposuction to cosmetic scar revision. We can help you improve almost any part of your body, so that you can finally look your best.

Vaser Advanced Liposuction

For people struggling with stubborn fat areas that simply won’t go away, there is now an incredibly smart and effective solution– Advanced Liposuction.

Liposuction Correction

Already had liposuction and you are not completely happy with the results? Learn how our liposuction correction methods can help you look even better.


Reclaim, restore and revive your feminine wellness without discomfort or high risk. THERMIva is a new procedure that can help you feel better. Learn more by clicking on the above image.

Fat Grafting Transplant

Let your body balance how you look, learn how harvesting fat cells from other parts of your body can help you achieve your goal of looking your best.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilians are happy people; they are one of the sexiest people on the planet. One reason is that they have nice genes. You too can start looking sexy, learn more about our Brazilian butt lift.

Breast Augmentation

Increasing your breast size can help you improve your self-confidence because it improves your overall figure. Schedule a consultation today to learn how this procedure can help you feel more confident.

Breast Biopsy Repair

For women who have scaring or sunken loss of fullness on their breast because of biopsies. Learn how we can restore your breast to a more normal appearance, volume, contour and fullness.

TermiTight Breast Lift

Doctor Rodriguez can help women with sagging breast due to aging, pregnancy or rapid loss of weight. His procedure will tighten your breast by stimulating the supporting tissues of the breast.

Man Boobs Correction

Not feeling confident taking your shirt off at the beach or the pool because of your man boobs? Learn how we can help by correcting them and start feeling more secure.

TermiTight Neck Lift

Restore your youth, say goodby to saggy necks due to aging. Doctor Rodriguez neck lift radio frequency procedures will work the underlying muscles of your neck to restore their tightness.

Cellulite Correction

Get smooth skin, get rid of those are stubborn areas and start looking your best with our cellulite correction procedure. Get it done by us and start showing your beautiful skin.

Navel Reconstruction

Aren’t you confident about your belly button? We can help you get the confidence back with our navel reconstruction procedure. Click the image to learn more on how we can help.

Cosmetic Scar Revision

We can improve and reduce unwanted scars left on your body from past events and injuries. Depending on the type of scar we offer three different techniques that can help reduce or even remove them.

Abdominal Etching

Get a flatter stomach with our Abdominal Etching procedure. This liposuction procedure will sculpt your fatty tissue residing under your skin and have a flatter stomach.

Stem Cell Harvesting

Return to those younger years and look younger with our stem cell harvesting procedure. Please schedule an appointment with us to learn more about this procedure.