Brazilian Butt Lift

Do you want a rounder more appealing-looking derriere? While many people would give anything to lose weight, there are just as many who want to give their rear end a boost.

Dr. Rodriguez is now performing Brazilian Butt lifts using the your own fat! The results look very natural, and there is very little chance for rejection, since the fat comes from your own body.

The fat can be taken from just about anywhere in your body, however you must have some fat to spare. For this reason very skinny people are not great candidates for fat transfer lifts and may want to consider implants.

The procedure is fairly simple. It involves collecting the fat from one area, specially processing the fat cells, and then and then transferring the harvested fat to your upper buttocks. Just after the procedure, there may be some swelling, which will eventually go down. To see the final product, patients generally need to wait about three months.

Typically there is little discomfort involved and, in fact, the majority of the discomfort comes from the fat harvesting, not the fat placement. Patients are advised to wear a body garment for up to 6 weeks after the procedure, but can return to work and most normal activities after a week.

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