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The hCG Diet is a very effective way to lose weight quickly, but it should be done under the supervision of a physician who is well trained in the safe off-label use of this hormone. Off-label use of prescription medications is commonly done for many conditions. It basically means that when the FDA has determined that a drug is safe for human use, a physician, at his or her discretion, can use the medication for other uses where the patient may derive benefit. The following link describes the benefits and warns of possible dangers of the hCG Diet.


By employing careful monitoring and ongoing adjustments, Dr. Rodriguez’ hCG Diet can help you safely lose even more than the usual amount of weight cited in this article. As opposed to fasting or simply eating no more than 500 calories, your metabolism does not shut down, and you do not feel famished, suffering hunger pangs. For your safety, Dr. Rodriguez performs a thorough evaluation that includes some blood tests (a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile) and an EKG (electrocardiogram) to make sure that you are healthy enough to undergo the hCG Diet. More importantly, Dr. Rodriguez uses his special Positive Lifestyle Modification techniques to keep you from gaining the weight back when you come off the diet and resume normal healthy eating.

Beware of hCG diet programs and products sold on the internet or promoted outside of a physician’s office or supervision.There is a lot of misinformation and ineffective or unsafe products being promoted and sold outside of medical offices. Be sure to voice all questions or concerns to your physician, so that you feel totally comfortable with proceding with this program. To make the most of your consultation, be sure to bring ALL prescription and over-the-counter meds or products with you for your appointment.

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