Abdominal Etching & VASER High Def Abdominal Etching

VASER Hi-Def is a well-defined technique which uses the VASER, an excellent, safe ultrasonic device for body contouring, that emulsifies (“melts”) the fat before removal with finer, less painful liposuction cannulas. The VASER is used in a particular way to assist in superficially sculpting muscular definition into the contour of abdominal muscles in otherwise already fairly well-contoured individuals. VASER Hi-Def individuals should preferably have ideal body weight.

The technique of selectively removing the small amounts of fat remaining around the rectus abdominis muscles in fit individuals is not really new, as superficial contouring has been being performed for some time. Using the VASER technology to do it is what led to this VASER Hi-Def nomenclature.

Abdominal etching is just another way to describe the above mentioned superficial sculpting. Under ideal conditions, abdominal etching is performed in patients who have achieved an ideal body weight, but are unable to achieve the definition and contouring of a “six pack” they desire. The more precise, targeted liposuction removes the fat in a pattern that mimics the grooves of a washboard abdomen.

A newer term, VASER Super Def, is simply a marketing, promotional term since the difference between “Super Def” and “OK Def” depends on the skill of the surgeon using the technology.

All the methods use liposuction to treat and reduce the superficial and deep layers of fat. Various anatomic landmarks can be sculpted or “etched”.  The most important factor in obtaining excellent aesthetic outcomes is the skill, training and experience of your surgeon.

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